Privacy Policy
LiveConnect Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) has the following policies to protect users’ personal information, protect their rights and interest, and handle user grievances related to personal information smoothly under the Personal Information Protection Act This privacy policy applies to all personal information provided by you and describes how to collect, use, disclose, process, and manage your personal information. If you don't agree with this policy, please don’t provide any personal information.
If the company revises its privacy policy, it will notify it through a notice (or individual notice). The company makes it easy for users to check this privacy policy at any time within the service. This privacy policy can be changed according to relevant laws and the company’s internal policy, and when revised, you can check the revision through the app serviced by the company.
This policy will take effect on September 1, 2021.

Article 1. Processing of personal information

The company handles the minimum amount of personal information required for the following purposes. The personal information being processed is not used for purposes other than the following purposes, and if the purpose of use is changed, necessary measures will be implemented, such as obtaining separate consent. In using the services provided by the Company, rights and responsibilities for the personal information the user voluntarily discloses lie within the user voluntarily disclosed information may not be protected, and may be collected and processed without permission. Please note that responsibilities for the losses and problems occurred as a result lie in the provider. Please be cautious not to disclose any personal information in using the provided services The Company does not use personal information of the members for purposes other than the following. If amendments are made to the purposes of the services, necessary measures as obtaining separate consent are taken.
1. Membership registration and management
Personal information is processed for the purpose of identifying and authenticating the user according to the provision of membership services, maintaining and managing membership qualifications, preventing illegal use of services, and notifying various information.
2. Providing goods and services
Personal information is processed for the purpose of delivery, service provision, content provision, identity authentication, fee payment, and settlement.
3. Used for marketing and advertising
Personal information is processed for the purpose of developing new services (products) and providing customized services, providing events and advertising information and opportunities to participate, providing services based on demographic characteristics, validating services, identifying access frequency, or statistics on members’ use of services.

Article 2. Personal information collection statement

Personal information items to be collected to provide services are used for the following purposes -Your nickname, sns ID(email) are collected from the SNS channel you use for registration Name, date of birth, gender, email address, and phone number are collected with consent from users while using the service, and if identification verification is required, name, date of birth, gender, duplicate subscription information (DI), encrypted identification (CI), phone number and carrier (cell phone authentication), and domestic/ foreign information are collected. In addition, IP addresses, payment details, service usage record, defective usage records, and terminal information can be automatically generated and collected in using the service.
ClassificationItems to be collecteduses of collected information
RegistrationEmail Registered MemberRequiredEmail, password

-Secure effective communication channels in user identification, member management, service usage and complaint consultation

-Prevention of illegal and unauthorized use by malicious users
OptionalName, contact number, date of birth
external authentication link userGoogleRequiredEmail, password-Provision of user identification, user management and services through integrating easy login service
OptionalName, contact number, date of birth
Kakao TalkRequiredID, Kakao Account(email), nickname
OptionalName, contact number, date of birth
NaverRequiredID, email
OptionalName, contact number, date of birth
AppleRequiredName, email
OrderMemberRequired-recipient information(name, phone number, address), purchaser information(name, phone number, email), cash receipt information if issued

-payment of order products / product delivery and customer service

-issue cash receipt


-user information required for giveaways and for the use of marketing and advertisements (Name, Phone Number, Email, Address, Gender)

-resident registration number (collected if tax refund is required) *Applies to members willing to participate in raffle events and affiliated services

-Required for giveaway delivery for raffle winners

-development of new services utilizing marketing and advertisements, publication of customized services and advertisements

-confirm validity of services, provide and participate in events and advertising information

-if tax returns and alike services are required

※ Liveconnect will not use personal information above for any purpose other than that for which the personal information was collected without the individual’s consent.
※ Illegal use refers to re-registration after user withdrawal, repetitive membership registration using the same information(email, ID, etc.), repetitive cancellation of purchases and alike to unlawfully exploit discount coupons, event benefits, etc. for economic profit, acts prohibited in the terms of use and identity theft.
2. Information created in using the service The Company may collect the following information of the user during the user's use of web and app services
collected informationPurpose of Use
IP Address, Cookies, Access Date, Mobile Device Information(UDID, Ad Identifier, etc), other service usage recordsClassification of domestic and overseas access routes, device and OS update information, statistical analysis of service usage records and etc. for quality management and consumer protection conforming to legal obligations
※ Inquires of the service use and records of contracted purchases are collected to comply with legal obligations
※ Deny automatic collection setting
Deny cookie installation and operation users have the option to enable cookies, and to select options for each web browser to accept or deny all cookies or confirm each time a cookie is saved. Setting cookie installation option is as follows.
<For web browsers> Internet Explorer: Tools>Internet Option>Privacy Tab>choose preferred privacy settings Chrome: Setting>Privacy and security>Settings>choose preferred cookie settings Firefox: Tools> Options>Privacy tab>"History"-"Use custom setting for history">choose preferred cookie settings Safari: Preferences>Privacy>choose preferred cookie settings
<for smartphones> Android: Setting>Google>Advertising> turn off personalized Ads IOS: Setting> Privacy> Advertising>turn of "Personalized Ads" The Company collects metadata and legally disclosed information unbiased of its purposes or targets and analyzes and utilizes them to provide better services to its users. Respectively, the Company can provide services tailored to the users' interests, provide advertisements suitable to the users' interest in marketing terms, and provide opportunities to participate in events. There may be restriction in some services if user refuses automatic collection of information * Restricted services: Product recommendation, event alarm, review writing
The company collects personal information in the following ways to provide services - Personal information is collected when the user consents to the collection of personal information and directly provides information for registration and service use - The Company can receive personal information from a company affiliated with or cooperating with the company, or from the user if the user consents directly to a third party. The Company can collect personal information through customer service inquiries and raffle events. -Collection of personal information through log analysis program ※ Information above includes information at the time of registration as well as information updated for modifications 4. Basis for retention: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc. 5. Retention period: Stated in Article 8.

Article 3. Purpose of collection of personal information

The Company uses collected personal information for the following purposes 1. Service provision and identity verification -Provision of Lakus Services and related services such as user identification/authentication, service quality inspection and service validation -member management such as user's consent to registration, restriction in registration and the number of registration -Malicious users(User's expressed information removed in accordance with Article 9 Paragraph 2 due to violation of Article 9 Paragraph 1 of the Terms of Use) -Operation of user protection services such as consultation for service use, record retention for dispute settlement, management of complaints and inquiries 2. Delivery of information - Delivery of service related notices -Provision of information related to service use such as benefits, precautions, and guidelines, etc. -Delivery of information on new contents or services, event related details and advertising (limited to the case of consent to receive marketing information) 3. Fee settlement and billing(limited to paid service users) -Provision of fee-related information such as service usage fee settlement, billing, receipt, direct debit, collection and billing -Application of fee reduction, discount on fees related to affiliated services or provision of affiliate benefits 4. statistical analysis -Creation and use of anonymous demographic analysis data or regional market research data (regional statistical analysis, market research etc.) – Provision of specific customized services(limited to cases of consent to receive marketing information for advertisements) -Development of new products and services -Provision of customer-centric consultations to each and every user -Offer personalized product service benefits or personalized advertising -Provision of services and advertisements according to statistical characteristics -Provision of information on events and advertisement. Provision of opportunities to participate in event and advertising. –Establishment of a safe service use environment -Establish an assuring service environment for users in terms of security, privacy, and safety

Article 4. Matters concerning the provision of personal information to a third party

The company provides personal information to third parties only if it falls under Articles 17 and 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act, such as the consent of the data subject and special provisions of the law. However, the following cases are excluded. - If the users have agreed in advance. - In the case of provisions of laws and regulations The company provides personal information to third parties as follows.
Purposerecipientprovided itemsretention period
purchase verification and streaming serviceConcert management company and agencyemail, purchase historyDuring the service period or until membership withdrawal
Ticket vendor
Order and return serviceproduct supplier and shipping companyname, phone number, address, email(if purchaser and recipient are different, enter recipient information), purchase history Destruction after the purpose of providing goods or services has been achieved (Retained if required by relevant laws and regulations)

Article 5. Consignment of personal information processing.

The company entrusts personal information as follows to provide services. 1. Service operation, customer counseling, delivery: Connect Us Co., Ltd. 2. In addition to the above trustees, we are using Google Analytics, a log analysis tool, for service use and statistical analysis. 3.The period of retention and use of personal information is the end of the consignment contract or withdrawal from the membership.

Article 6. Users' rights and how to exercise them

1.Users can view or modify their registered personal information at any time and request to delete their account. 2. If a user requests correction of an error in personal information, the personal information will not be used or provided until correction is completed. In addition, if wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, we will notify the third party of the correction process without delay so that the correction can be made. 3.The company processes personal information terminated or deleted at the request of the user as specified in the "retention and use period of personal information" and makes it impossible to view or use it for other purposes.

Article 7. Matters concerning the installation/operation and refusal of an automatic personal information collection device.

1.The purpose of using cookies. It is used to provide optimized information to users by identifying the services used by users, the types of visits and uses of websites, and the size of users. 2.Installation/operation and rejection of cookies. Users have the option of setting up cookies. Users can allow or deny the storage of cookies in browser and OS-provided options. However, if you refuse to save cookies, it may be difficult to use some services that require login.

Article 8. Period of retention and use of personal information.

in principle, the Company destructs personal information of users without delay when the purpose of its collection and use has been achieved. Provided that, if it is required to retain the information by "Act On The Consumer Protection In Electronic Commerce" and relevant laws and regulations, it will be retained. In such case, the Company will use the retained information for retention purposes and the period of retention is as followed. 1. Information collected for online/mobile service: Until withdrawal from membership 2. In the case of storing separately in accordance with legal standards,
retention requirementsPurposesPeriod
act on the consumer protection in electronic commercerecord on sign/advertisement6 months
Record regarding contract or withdrawal of subscription5 years
record on payment and supply of goods5 years
record on consumer complaint or dispute treatment3 years
framework act on national taxesrecord on collection/process, and use of credit information5 years
protection on communications secrets actlog record of users such as internet/data detecting the place of user connection3 months
※ If any information is to be retained as required by relevant laws and regulations, the Company may retain it for the period as required by those laws and regulations 3. In the case of storing separately according to internal standards, -Resigned users' nicknames and profile images are stored for 3 months for CS. Users have the right to refuse to consent to the collection and use of the above personal information, and if they refuse, they may not be able to use the service.

Article 9. Procedures and methods for destroying personal information.

1.Destruction procedure. After achieving the purpose, the information entered by the user will be transferred to a separate DB (separate documents in the case of paper) and stored for a certain period of time in accordance with internal policies and other related laws and regulations. At this time, the personal information transferred to the DB is not used for any other purpose except by law. 2. Expiration date If the user's personal information retention period has elapsed, the personal information will be destroyed within five days of the end of the retention period, and if personal information becomes unnecessary, such as achieving the purpose of processing personal information, abolishing the service, or termination of the business. 3. How to do it Electronic file-type information uses a technical method that cannot be recreated. Personal information printed on paper is crushed with a grinder or destroyed through incineration.

Article 10. Efforts to protect personal information.

1. We are establishing and implementing an internal management plan for personal information protection. 2. We are taking measures to control access to personal information and limit access rights. 3.We are taking encryption measures to safely store and transmit personal information. 4. We are taking measures to prevent forgery and alteration of personal information access records. 5. We are installing and updating security programs for personal information. 6. We are taking physical measures to ensure the safe storage of personal information.

Article 11. Contact information for concerns on protecting personal information

If you have any questions/complaints/counseling on this privacy policy, you can contact the department in charge of personal information protection. - Phone number: 02-332-1255 - If any information is retained as required by relevant laws and regulations, the Company may retain it for the perios as required by those laws and regulations

Article 12. Revising Privacy Policy

If there is any addition, deletion, or modification of the current privacy policy it will be notified through the "announcement" at least 7 days before the revision. However, if there are significant changes in user rights, such as collection and utilization of personal information or provision to third parties, at least 30 days in advance.